Global Community Neighbourhoods Need to Focus upon Donations and Fundraising to Easily End Global Marine Plastic Pollution Crisis

It can also solve many of the problems that humanity, nature and planet earth are having to cope with and face.

On a global scale Raffles have become a problem legally, for since 1997 global governments have past laws that only allow for Raffle winnings to be no more than R 10 000 or $10 000, for non profits or community based organisations.

This means Raffles can’t be used to help global community neighborhoods, humanity, nature or planet earth, in any meaningful way.

For centuries Raffles and Lotteries have been used to help global community neighborhoods, countries, nature and planet earth.

The Great Wall of China was funded and constructed with and by the use of Raffles.

Globally, the laws upon Raffles and Lotteries have now closed the possiblities to  opportunities for ordinary citizens, on ground level to be empowered.

It has also closed the door to finance to help Nature and Planet Earth, although Climate Change and Global Warming is now the main focus of global government officials, main and socially media.

No problem, so globally ordinary citizens, non profit organization and community based organisations can not use Raffles or Lotteries to raise funds.

Yet global ordinary citizens, non profits organisations and community based organisations can use the Power of Donations as a means to raise funds for global community neighborhoods, humanity, nature, and planet earth projects.

It is rather simple and easy to achieve.

Donations, are required by global government representatives laws to be taxed, no problem.

So a simple way of raising funds, is to just give clear information of how the donations will be spent.

Here is an example, that can help global community neighborhoods, humanity, nature and planet earth.

This example can be applied to any cause or project:

Fundraising and Donations can Easily End the Global Marine Plastic Pollution Crisis
5 million donations @ R 20
= 100 million, minus taxes & costs
45% to buy global community neighborhoods plastic to fuel machinery.
Getting Global Citizens to focus on Donation Campaigns, to buy Global Community Neighbourhoods Plastic to Fuel Machinery
50% of donations are shared equally amongst  3 random donors , as an investment donation into their future, so that they may start a small to medium size enterprise to employ fellow citizens.
Small to medium enterprises are the biggest employers within a country.
5% goes to goals, visions and purposes of

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Results in stimulating global economies and job creation
Results in curbing the violence against women, children and within community neigbourhoods, as less people will rely upon the power of anger, as a copying tool suppress their vulnerable thoughts, emotions, feelings and circumstances.
Circumstances, like no food or money in their community homes, which leas to hunger, starvation, desperation, worry, fear, anxiety, depression, and anger, that results in the increase of arguments within the home, that ends in fighting and violence against family members, where the violence spills over into the community and broader society of the country.