Metallic Water: Electricity, nice

Nice Trippy Electrons : That are illuminating Energy as light: Very trippy, nice.
Energy by pressurizing the water.
Election quantum entanglement, nice.
Illuminating the metals- with Electron current/energy /electricity flow, nicely done.
I like it lots: bio :luminous : Ocean life forms love the Alkaloid metals: As they too make Trippy lights/energy /electron flow: Oh yes they call it electricity now (electrons flowing), nice…
Like the light illumination and the dark convergence energy : Dark matter cloud spots, that push the energy in repulsion mode: so that the camera can pick it up (see it) for it is traveling away in the opposite direct.
Like the dark spots of a magnet.
Just a dark reflection of the light.
Yeng and Yang: Up and down/As above so below/ Quantum Entanglement of the Light and the dark(magnetic field) nice.
The Dark and the Light: DNA Spirals of the Universes and Galaxies, nice.
Now that is Energy: Magnetic Vortexes is the Power Source of Galaxies, Universes, Black holes, Quasars and Atoms, nice.
God’s Creations, nice.

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