Can ADD Medications Cause Brain Damages?

That’s right you don’t need medication to fix it.
The medical leaflet inserts do state that it stunts children’a growth and development.
This would mean their bone growth, vital organs and cell tissue growth would be stunted.
It would also mean that children who got physically injured, or infected with flu or bacteria lung infections or contracted viruses from various diseases, would then mean that due to slow cell growth they would then not be able to recover efficiently or quickly.
It would mean that globally far more children would grow up with under development bodies, vital organs and brain growth.
The medical insert leaflets list numerous medical side effects.
Kind of defeats the World Health Organisation and the United Nations 17 goals and 2030 agenda.
For it would mean globally, far less healthy children, teens and adults.
Would be nice if WHO and UN paid attention to the harmful medical side effects, of the medications used and claimed to help people with mental disorders and problems.
What is the point of destroying the physical health of global Children, Teens and Adults.
For when their physical health fails, so will their mental health fail.
So what is the point of the medication, again?
People on a global level concerned about the medical side effects of ADD/ADHD medications, :
Can ADD Medications Cause Brain Damages?
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