The Blue Planet’s Rivers Can Be Restored Easily: UK River Sewage & Fertilizer Pollution: Very Bad

The Blue Planet’s Rivers Can Be Restored Easily

There are dirt cheap ways to end global water shortages, so many.
So many dirt cheap methods and ways to remove and filter out pollution chemicals, ecoli, sewage, blue green algae and fertilisers from the Planet Earth’s rivers.
Globally, the health of rivers can be restored, to protect the biodiversity of Nature and provide healthy clean freshwater reservouirs.
The Planet Earth, is called the “Blue Planet” because of all the available water.
Many many ways to provide clean pure water, that is pharmaceutical, sewage, plastic, blue green algae toxins, heavy metals, pollution chemicals and fertiliser free.
Absolutely no toxins or chemicals present, just Pure Water.
Enough Pure Water for Farmers, Nature and Humanity.
Dirt cheap to achieve
Globally water shortages will end, for there will be mega mega tonnes of Pure Water.
Globally droughts will be ended, by Pure Clean Water, nice .

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