Offshore Wind Farms: Magnetic vortexes of extreme toxic metal concentrations.


Offshore Wind Farms:
Magnetic vortexes of extreme toxic metal concentrations.
The science ?.
What did they think would happen?
The Questions should be: How Environmentally  Friendly are Wind Generating Electricity. Turbines?
Scientific proof that Wind Turbines are contaminating farm land ground waters.
Bye-bye Food security.
How many cattle and live stock and wild animals have died from drinking this contaminated ground water, pumped into top water farm dams.
Magnetic Field Lines of Wind Turbines in ground water?
Strange that the study does not take into account that many wind turbines have steel beams driven into the ground, and steel will transmit a magnetic field into the ground water, being generated from the blades of the wind turbines
Magnetic field lines, causes by the Wind Turbines, would cause the iron. attached to arsenic to start to move in concentrated magnetic field lines.
This brings into question how environmentally friendly are Wind Generator Turbines, on countries water and food security, and the health of people and Natur’s biodiversity?
For when they are placed all over farm land areas, they would be generating pockets of high concentrations of iron and arsenic and other magnetic toxic metals, and uranium concentrations, to build up in the ground waters.
Would be interesting to sink a well point below a Wind Turbine Farms to measure this scientifically .
How many of South Africa’s wind turbine farms are using pile driven steel beams.
So much for science being used to safeguard and protect human life and Nature’s biodiversity .

This would mean offshore and freshwater bodies of water, having Wind Farm Turbines, would cause metal and other compounds toxins, to build up by filtering in new toxins, to circulate within the magnetic field lines, which would result in extreme levels of toxins being collected in these magnetic fields.

The results would be that ground water seeping through the area, would become contaminated.

Globally, main and social media are already revealing that many countries are experiencing major water shortages and droughts.

Globally, Humanity, Nature and Planet Earth can not afford to have ground water sources being contaminated.

Globally, ground water is already known to be very brackish, due to containing such extreme levels of salts and minerals.

Globally, government representatives are already imposing laws and by-laws, that are placing restrictions on the use of freshwater, by the citizens of a country.

Offshore Wind Farms:
Magnetic vortexes of extreme toxic concentrations.
The science ?.
What did they think would happen?

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