City of Cape Town South Africa to Pump Treated Sewage Waters into Aquifers


City of Cape Town South Africa to Pump Treated Sewage Waters into Aquifers
This definitely won’t be good for water security, or for the health of Citizens, Nature or Planet Earth.
The Biodiversity of Nature is going to be threaten and harmed.
The Biodiversity of microorganism within farmland soils, is going to be harmed and food  security, is going to be broken and destroyed.
Marine life’s breeding cycles are already been harmed by treated sewage waters containing pharmaceutical compounds, which will now destroy the breeding cycles of farm land soil’s microorganisms.
That means bye-bye food security.
Now why is the City of Cape Town, South Africa, going to pump treated sewage waters into the fresh water deep aquifers on the Cape Flats?
The City of Cape Town has already put down many bore holes and is presently pumping this water ground into dams and reservoirs, which are used for drinking water supply.
Ground water is known to contain arsenic and other metal contaminates?
Why is the City of Cape Town extracting this ground water and pumping it into dams and reservoirs used for drinking waters, for the Citizens of Cape Town.
This means more aluminum oxides and powders to treat drinking water.
It also means more aluminium sludge being placed into landfill sites, to contaminate the ground water and aquifers.
Why must it be expensive ?
Surely there should be far safer and environment friendly ways to purify the water for Citizens to drink.
Surely there should be far cheaper and safer methods of removing pharmaceuticals and other contaminates from Sewage Waters.
Why must it be expensive ?
Did City of Cape Town, measure the amounts of arsenic, iron and other toxic metals within the ground water that they are pumping in Cape Town’s fresh water dams and reservoirs?
This makes no risk, health and safety management or assessment sense at all.

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