Lower the Interest Rates Stimulates Employment and Economies

Lower the Interest Rates Stimulates Employment and Economies
There is such a thing as Risky Lending, you can’t lend money to people with bad credit  scores.
Claiming there is nothing they can do to lower the costs of living
It’s just paper money loans, to people who have potential to pay back the loans, bases upon the successfulness in life.
Did the USA not just print Trillions of dollars and put in the stick exchange during COVID 19.
Lending is only given to those who have assets.
Loans are given to citizens who price they can pay back the loan, base upon their potential successfulness in life.
The USA only pays under 2℅ for interest on any money placed into a bank.
That means USA citizens use their savings to invest in the various stock exchanges or start up new businesses, which stimulates the economy by create small to media enterprises, who are the biggest employers of citizens in a country..
Which means more employment of the nation .
The USA inky has about 3%of it’s citizens unemployed.
The more citizens in a country who are seeking money the greater the Tax collection .
Global government officials then use this GDP to loan money from the World Bank and Bonds generated by their Reciever of Revenue..
The interest rates in the USA are very low.
This stimulates job creation and the USA economy .
Vote wisely or go to court.
The more citizens who are successful in a country, the more loans they can before and the more money ends up circulating on ground kevel, for other citizens to have the possibilities to opportunities to also become successful.
It’s called a country’s economy, which prevents poverty, hunger, starvation or recession .
Globally, it seems that they want to cause a global recession .
The only reason why the USA inflation is 8-9% is because they printed trillions of dollars and put it into the stock exchange and did not put it into ground level community neighbourhoods, to stimulate employment and the economy .
Globally, they are pulling the wool over citizens eyes,
The USA only printed trillions of dollars because they had their citizens locked down during the COVID 19 Pandemic.
The USA should not have printed the trillions and money should only have been printed based upon the potential successfulness of citizens, who can afford to pay back a loans.
Otherwise you break the global money system and induce/cause a global recession.

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