Curbing and Preventing Depression & Anxiety

Curbing and Preventing Depression & Anxiety
Global, there is one common factor that children will do and that is to ask the “Why & How Questions”.
This common factor and practice, will be carried over into teen and adult life, where they will ask, the “How do you do Something, questions”.
For this “Common factor”, is preprogrammed during early childhood development .
The first two years of early childhood development, will see children bumping and hurting themselves, and these experiences will naturally teach children to seek to avoid things that harm or cause pain to themselves.
Children will naturally preprogrammed their brains cognitive chemical processes and neurologic networks, to work on brain cognitive thoughts, that are geared towards preserving their life, by avoiding pain and harm.
This is why children, teens and adults will keep on asking these questions, for they have already preprogrammed their brains to do so.
Solutions: So choose to gain the wisdom, of how you have already preprogrammed your brain that seeks to enhance, better fulfill, safeguard and protect your life.
Depression is only you believing that you can’t fulfill your natural preprogrammed “Dreams, Hopes and Wish”.
People take cel phone “Selfies”, because that is who they are trying to be, yet they have already achieved the present picture of being “I am”.
Unfortunately, so many children, teens and adults, then stop with taking the actions and work required to achieve their “Dreams, Hopes as Wishes”, and let their brain chemicals produce sadness, despair and hopelessness”.
Be wise now, and choose to understand how your mind has been designed to function and process vulnerable t thoughts, emotions and feelings.
It’s easy: Get to know the common traits and habits of the human mind, and take actions towards your Dreams, Hopes and Visions.
Get to know yourself, you are Human xxxxx 11:11

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