Amazon in Cape Town South Africa Continent of Africa, 2022

Amazon in Cape Town South Africa Continent of Africa, 2022
Amazon in Cape Town South Africa Continent of Africa, 2022
Amazon’s ecological department or best nature and environmental assessment department or Pubic Relations Department.
Or just a company that is deemed to embrace the 4th Industrial Revolution, and in tune with Global Warming and Climate Change.
Or being in tune with global media and the United Nations sustainable goals and it’s CO2 promotion as being the cause of Global Warming and Climate Change .
Or the United Nations who are big on the promotion of Planet Earth’s natural Biodiversity .
Makes, all of the above, seem like Amazon CEO and management are “Waving a Red flag in the face of a Bull( Nature Activists, United Nations, Goals and Agendas, Biodiversity Policies).
Which means it defies all business logic and the image of the company, being Amazon to even have considered building their building right on the edge of a “Wetlands’.
They could have built their building anywhere else in South Africa, rather than risking the company’s image .
The present sight of the Amazon building and it’s costs, are pocket change for the founder and it makes no sense to even continue to build on this sight.
Unless of course it is to tarnish the Brand of Amazon in South Africa and on the African Continent.
It makes no business sense at all.
Unless of course the CEO of Amazon believes he is above Nature or Planet Earth and it’s People.
The Amazon brand has already tarnished it’s name in the USA.
The CEO of Amazon stands a change to make billions out of South Africa and Africa, but he seems to be bent on destroying the Amazon image and brand name here.

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