Cure Dyslexia

I spent 5 years on ADD medication and when I got myself weaned off them,  I began to excel and thrive at reading.
No more did I get stuck on a word, with anxiety or stress, for I could then scan the words in the sentence and began to decode them.
With the 31 spelling rules and basic phonics.
No more did I switch off mentally, due to stress , anxiety or embarrassment.
I had switched on chemical releases, for cognitive thought processes.
The blank stare look I saw other children also experiencing, was gone.
I can tell you, that none of us are attempting to decode words, and just the thought of reading would bring on major stress.
If I looked up from the book, there would be no way I would find that word or the sentence line I was on.
But once you choose to say no more and start applying the 31 spelling rules and simple phonics, and scan the other words in the sentence line, your peripheral vision will kick in and you will be able to decode words super fast.
Your peripheral vision( side vision) is used for scanning and decoding.
If you try scanning with focused visions you hurt your eyes.
Peripheral visions is also used when you read for pleasure, and people read for hours like this.
Why? For you will be using your eyes in a calm manner that does not hurt your eyeballs.
If you hold you breathe and focus on a word, like stare at a word, and then try and scan other words in the sentence line, you will feel major pain in your eyeballs
Now this is what children are experiencing, who are on ADD medication, or who are not applying their 31 spelling rules and other decoding methods, stated here
The meds made me stare at words, and scanning hurt my eyes big time.
My pupils were super big and dilated, which caused me to squint, which activated my front vision to lock onto a single word
Unfortunately so many children don’t know this and many will end up committing suicide or develop mental issues, for they will keep on switching off mentally, and develop mental health problems and disorders.

Once children understand that by being calm and applying these objectives and goals to their minds thoughts, they will then activate chemicals within their brain, that are designed to activate cognitive thought processes, that will unlock their short and long term memory.

Children need to place themselves and their mind into a cognitive space and zone of Being.

You can not expect your mind to be able to do any scanning and decoding of words in a sentence, if you are anxious, scared, embarrassed , fearful or if you believe you can not scan or decoded.

You will notice that if children, teens or adults get a big fright or are experiencing emotions, feeling and thoughts of anxiety, stress, fear or embarrassment, they will produce adrenaline chemicals used for flight or fight.

A person who experiences a fright, will loose all cognitive abilities and motor functions of their fingers, and they will fumble their phone and not be able to punch in a cell phone number.

Once children understand that they need to be calm to be able to activated chemicals that afford and allow for cognitive thoughts and the recalling of short and long term memory, then they will be able start progress and excel academically and socially.

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