Quickest way to help the dying and starving Cape Fur Seals of South Africa & Namibia 

Quickest way to help the dying and starving Cape Fur Seals of South Africa & Namibia
Solutions and Actions Needed:
The reasons why the seals are dying is due to red tide.
Cape Cormorant died in big numbers due to spending the most tine in the water.
The Cape Gannets dive from a height then get airborne again.
The Orange Red Tide make organs streaks in the water, with toxic bubbles
Blood out of the mouths and noise of seals is a sign of Red Tide poisoning, as it causes damage to organs
Well documented and studied globally.
Starvation occurs, due to low levels of good stomach bacteria(ecoli).
Satellite footage over the last year and commercial offshore fisherman and the tanker/cargo ship industry have seen plenty of Red Tide nearshore and offshore.
A postmortem would reveal damaged organs and tests would reveal Red Tide Toxins.
If South African citizens and vets want to help the Cape Fur seals, then the quickest way is to take “Stool Deposites”, from health fat seals and then insert small amounts these stool samples containing healthy good ecoli bacteria, into the anus of sick, dying, starving and malnutritioned seals.
It is the quickest and easy way to help these seal.
A dog pole nose or a net on a rigid pole, with a straight jacket concept would afford for access to the seals anuses.
Due to the extreme inflammation within these seals, their healthy good ecoli bacteria has been destroyed.
Without the need of tranquilizers.
Red Tide Toxins effect the neurologic process of seals, as well as destroy their vital organs.
All seals greet each other by placing their noise together, for smell and pasting over antibodies to each other.

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