Easily Solving Global Dyslexia: Why?

Easily Solving Global Dyslexia:
So that the 1 in 5 children and adults, perceived to have dyslexia, can finally being to make more of their “Dreams, Hopes and Wishes”, become their Reality, Truth and Purposes of Being in, id and for their Gifts of Life.
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I spent 5 years on ADD medication and when I got myself weaned off them,  I began to excel and thrive at reading.

No more did I get stuck on a word, with anxiety or stress, for I could then scan the words in the sentence and began to decode them.


With the 31 spelling rules and basic phonics.

No more did I switch off mentally, due to stress , anxiety or embarrassment.

I’ve been there and have the T-shirt and the experience of switching off mentally.
The blank stare look I saw other children also experiencing.

I can tell you, that none of us are attempting to decode words, and just the thought of reading would bring on major stress.

If I looked up from the book, there would be no way I would find that word or the sentence line I was on.

But once you choose to say no more and start applying the 31 spelling rules and simple phonics, and scan the other words in the sentence line, your peripheral vision will kick in and you will be able to decide words super fast.

Your peripheral vision( side vision) is used for scanning and decoding.

If you try scanning with focused visions you hurt your eyes.

Peripheral visions is also used when you read for pleasure, and people read for hours like this.

Why? For you will be using your eyes in a calm manner that does not hurt your eyeballs.

If you hold you breathe and focus on a word, like stare at a word, and then try and scan other words in the sentence line, you will feel major pain in your eyeballs.

Now this is what children are experiencing, who are on ADD medication, or who are not applying their 31 spelling rules and other deciding methods, stated here.

The meds main be stare at words, and scanning hurt my eyes big time.

My pupils were super big and dialated, which causes me to quit, which activated my front vision to lick onto a single word.

Undoubtedly so many children don’t know this and many will end up committing suicide or develop mental issues, for the will keep on switching off when they are asked to read.

My mission is to end dyslexia and curb suicides and mental disorders in children, teens and adults.

Ok if you believe that you have dyslexia, then right now you are not ready, to excel and thrive at reading for meaning.

For only when you decide to want to excel and thrive academically and socially, then you will.

But for now try my advice and you will experience your peripheral vision, which can decode faster than you can talk or read out aloud.

Ask any proficient reader, how they are able to read.

Watch their eyes scan, the sentence lines: Back and forth on the same sentence line.

They are scanning too decode.

They also know their 31 spelling rules and apply basic phonics, and sight word strategies, as well as syllable breakdown.

They also apply prefix and suffix decoding, of words, which happens lightening fast with their peripheral vision.

Once you do this you will begin to thrive and excel academically and socially, for you will then enjoy reading.

And for the mons and dads out there listen to what I’m saying, if you want to help your children, to be able to read for meaning, and not be anxious, stressed or embarrassed, or feel like shit and broken mentally.

I know what I’m talking about, and I know what it feels like to have your Soul crushed in school.

Pay attention to what I have written here, help your children.

I’m almost finished a free ebook, with far more explanations and understanding of what I went through., which will help many global children to also be able to excel and thrive academically and socially.

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